Be Prepared for The Forces of Nature

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Preparing for the 2023 Natural Disaster Season

Australia has a reputation as a land beset with floods, droughts, cyclones, bushfires and dust storms. As summers become hotter and winter becomes wetter, it is important to be prepared for any natural disaster that may come our way. With the 2023 season expected to be full of increased rainfall across Australia, now is the ideal time to ensure your home and family are properly prepared.

What Can I Do To Prepare?

The most important thing you can do is to stay informed. Make sure to regularly check local news and weather forecasts so you don’t miss any warnings or alerts about potential natural disasters in your area. Additionally, it’s beneficial to have an emergency plan in place that outlines what each family member needs to do if a disaster does occur. This should include details on where you will go for shelter and how you will stay connected with each other during the event. It’s also important to make sure each family member knows how to access vital documents like birth certificates or insurance policies if needed.

It’s also essential that your home is properly equipped for any natural disaster situation. Make sure all of your windows and doors are securely shuttered and sealed so they won’t blow open in high winds or be damaged by flying debris during a storm. Additionally, make sure all of your emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries and water are fully stocked in case of power outages or water shortages during a crisis.

Take steps to protect your home from flooding or other water damage by installing flood barriers around windows and doors or purchasing flood insurance for extra protection. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, then it’s also important to maintain at least 30 feet of cleared space around your home so that it doesn’t catch fire if one were to start nearby.

Information on the weather, including precise forecasts, is made available by the Bureau of Meteorology so that the public can better prepare for the possibility of natural disasters.

By staying informed and taking steps now to prepare for the 2023 natural disaster season, you can ensure that you and your family are ready if Mother Nature decides she wants her revenge on us Down Under! Taking these simple steps will help protect both you and your home during any unexpected natural disaster this summer season brings our way!