Australian Bushfire Map

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Australian Bushfire Map: An Innovative Tool to Check the Status of Bushfires Near Your Property

With summer in full swing, Australia is seeing its usual spate of bushfires. Thankfully, these fires have been relatively small in comparison to the past devastating firestorms, but they are still a concern for residents. In order to help people stay safe, the My Fire Watch Map was created. The map is a great tool for checking the status of bushfires near your property. By inputting your address and clicking on the search button, you will be able to see the current location of fire spots, as well as lightening activity. This is a great tool for people who live in areas that are prone to bushfires. By using the Australian Bushfire Map, you can stay safe and informed about the fire situation near you.

The bushfire map includes data feeds from:

This material SHOULD NOT BE USED in any decision-making process involving live fires. Please visit the agency that handles fire and emergency services for your state if you want the most current and comprehensive information about a fire that is currently raging.

The information, maps, and data services that may be accessed through MyFireWatch are all estimates based on the data that is currently available and may not accurately depict the most recent fire situation.