Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Getting From the Brisbane Airport to Your Final Destination

Travelling can be a stressful experience, but getting from the runway to your final destination doesn’t have to be. Brisbane International and Domestic terminals are located next to each other, just 15 kilometres from Brisbane City. With a variety of transportation options available, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.


The AirTrain is one of the most efficient ways to get from the airport to Brisbane City and/or the Gold Coast. It’s also one of the most affordable options, with prices starting at just $15 for a single ticket between Brisbane Airport and Central Station (Brisbane City). The AirTrain runs every 15 minutes during peak times and travels directly between the terminals, providing quick and convenient transport for air travellers.

Taxis & Ubers

If you prefer a door-to-door service or don’t need to travel all the way into the city centre, then taking a taxi or Uber may be your best option. There is an abundance of taxis waiting outside both terminals, or alternatively you can request an Uber pick up through its app. This option tends to be more expensive than public transport but it does provide additional convenience for solo travellers who want more control over their journey.

Shuttle Bus Services & Car Rental Options

Shuttle bus services are also available if you’re looking for an economical option that takes care of all your needs in one go – no need to worry about directions or transfers! These services operate frequently between both domestic and international terminals as well as other popular destinations such as hotels and major attractions in Brisbane City. For those who prefer travelling solo, there are several car rental services available at both terminals where you can pick up your car hire straight away.

No matter what type of traveller you are – whether it’s business or leisure – there’s sure to be something suitable when it comes to getting from Brisbane Airport to your final destination! Whether it’s AirTrain, taxi, Uber or shuttle bus services; whatever suits your needs best is sure to make travelling stress free and enjoyable – so make sure you take advantage of all these excellent transport options before heading off on your journey.