West End Farmers Markets

Spend a Saturday Morning at the West End Farmers Markets

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your Saturday morning, then look no further than the West End Farmers Markets. Located right on the banks of the Brisbane River, this vibrant and bustling market is a popular destination for both locals and travellers alike. Here, visitors can find delicious coffee, organic fruit and veg, fresh seafood and meats, an assortment of hand-crafted goods and gifts, and an impressive selection of tasty treats and street food. In between meals, visitors can enjoy live local music under a canopy of gorgeous fig trees while soaking up some warm community vibes.

Where: Montague Road & Jane Street, West End
When: Saturdays 6am – 2pm

The West End Farmers Markets began in 1989 as a small gathering of local farmers selling their fresh produce directly to the public. Over time it has grown into one of Brisbane’s most popular outdoor markets with up to 100 stalls offering everything from freshly brewed coffee to handmade crafts. The market is open every Saturday morning from 6am till 12pm but make sure you get there early as it can get quite busy later in the day!

The market’s unique location makes it a great spot to take in some of Brisbane’s best views while enjoying its buzzing atmosphere. As you wander through the stalls you will be able to enjoy views across the Story Bridge all the way down to New Farm Park. On top of that, entry into the market is free so everyone can join in on all the fun!

If that isn’t enough to convince you then maybe these extra activities will do just that! Every second week throughout summer there are hot air balloon rides available for those seeking adventure (for an additional cost). Or if you fancy learning something new then check out one of their free cooking classes which take place every week! These classes are designed for both experienced cooks and beginners who want to learn how to create some delicious dishes using ingredients found at the markets.

The West End Farmers Markets are an amazing place for anyone wanting an authentic taste of Brisbane life combined with some breathtaking views. From organic produce and artisanal gifts to hot air balloon rides and cooking classes – there really is something here for everyone! So come along on any Saturday morning between 6am-12pm – bring your wallet and your appetite – because this is definitely one market not to be missed!