Experiencing Nature at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

Are you looking for an escape from the summer heat? Look no further than Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre, located only 12 km from Brisbane’s city centre. From experiencing native animals to enjoying a walk or bike ride, and splashing out in the water, this one-stop nature-play zone is your perfect weekend retreat.

Encounter Native Animals

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre has plenty of opportunities to experience native animals in their natural habitat. Visitors can explore the wetlands, listen to the sounds of birds chirping, and take in the sights of kangaroos grazing. For those wanting a more interactive experience with the wildlife, there are informative talks by local rangers that focus on animal conservation and rehabilitation.

Enjoy A Walk Or Bike Ride

If you are looking for a leisurely activity with family or friends, enjoy a peaceful stroll or bike ride around the area. With views of Enoggera Reservoir as well as beautiful open spaces surrounded by nature, this is an ideal way to relax and get away from it all. There are also walking trails that range in difficulty so you can pick a trail that suits your needs.

Splash Out In The Water

No visit to Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre would be complete without taking advantage of the lake! Whether you want to go swimming or kayaking – there are plenty of activities available for visitors who want to cool off during summer days. This is also great for families who have children looking for something fun and exciting to do on weekends.

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre offers everything professionals need for an escape from city life – from encountering native animals to enjoying leisurely walks or bike rides around picturesque landscapes – this one-stop nature-play zone is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure at the same time! So why not plan your next weekend outing here and make sure you don’t miss out on all that this amazing place has to offer!